Unhealthy lifestyle options make the situation even worse. Whether it is eating excessive fat or too sweet, living too sedentarily, experiencing chronic stress, cigarette smoking, drinking, excess of only one of these aspects contributes significantly to the appearance of CVD.

CBD and cardiovascular disease, a growing relationship

As we recommended, the researchers are trying to comprehend how CBD might influence the cardiovascular system.

• CBD and high blood pressure

A research study published in 2007 by The American Society for Clinical Investigation revealed favorable results when taking a single dose of CBD to reduce high blood pressure.

Nine volunteers (all male) received 600 mg of CBD or a placebo prior to taking high blood pressure tests. Patients who received CBD not only had decreased high blood pressure compared to the placebo group, however the impact was especially visible prior to and after stress. The document concluded that “acute administration of nine CBD minimizes resting high blood pressure and increases high blood pressure in response to stress in human beings.”

Even if it worries only a small sample compared to the countless individuals experiencing cardiovascular disease, the results are substantial. High or unusual high blood pressure is considered to be among the main reasons for ischemic heart disease.

• CBD and stress

The above research study resolved another key factor in cardiovascular disease: stress. The Einstein Institute for Heart and Vascular Health kept in mind in 2009 that psychosocial stress factors have actually been shown to contribute significantly to CVD. This is believed to be due to the truth that stress causes both an increase in high blood pressure and the production of the adrenaline hormones and cortisol.

Although numerous studies are still in the animal testing phase, stress reduction is considered a vital attribute of component CBD through its facilitation of “reporting through the endocannabinoid”.

• CBD and arrhythmia

Arrhythmia is called when an individual’s heartbeat is irregular, whether it goes too fast or too sluggish. Irregular changes in heart rate can trigger palpitations, malaise and chest discomfort. In the worst case, the heart rhythm disorder

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