We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Premium CBD Products From Switzerland
Power And Purity

The CBD oils and balms stocked on this site have all been completely handpicked to make sure that the final CBD product you get is as near to 100% organic and natural as is possible. Whilst keeping an extremely high quality of product.

Only The Best Products

Not only is the hemp utilized in the production procedure exceptionally pure, however it has also been selectively reproduced to make sure that its CBD content is higher than that of typical hemp. We can with confidence assert the quality of the products featured on our site.

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Laboratory Tested For Purity

CBD products featured on the web are often inaccurately identified. We not just carefully pick our CBD suppliers, we also have their products independently confirmed as an extra action to make sure safety and quality. Just products that are high quality and have been carefully checked make it onto our site.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD?

In order for CBD products to be legal in Europe they have to have a THC content of under 0.2%. All of the CBD oils and balms which we suggest on our site are withing the legal limit of THC.

CBD Explained

CBD is just among a number of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. It is much more common in hemp, whilst THC is discovered in much greater concentrations in marijuana.

100 different cannabinoids are discovered in hemp plants. These same chemical compounds are also discovered in the body and brain. They act upon cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the human brain. This is called the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for homeostasis within the body.

A lot of our internal systems from heart rate, high blood pressure to even thirst and hunger require to be regulated and kept in balance. Homeostasis plays an important role as a regulator within this system. In order for the body to keep your heart rate constant, or to regulate your body temperature level, chemicals messages are sent out to the brain. CBD promotes these receptors and assists to increase or decrease the internal procedures as required. If you get stressed out or anxious the brain will release more dopamine to calm you. Once again managed by the ECS controlling the release of the chemicals.

Exactly What is THC?

THC, unlike CBD, is a psychedelic compound. It is heavily regulated and unlawful in the majority of countries. In Europe any cannabis flower with more than 1% of THC is unlawful. Whilst with CBD a level above 0.2% is unlawful. It is for this reason that we validate that all the products suggested on our site have a CBD level listed below the 0.2% limit.

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